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drawing using the same stroke

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  • drawing using the same stroke

    Sorry if this is something pretty easy to figure out. ( T_T)

    But in Cacani 1.x there was a feature where, after turning on merge strokes mode, we could keep adjusting the same stroke by redrawing the end of the stroke. Using this it was pretty easy to make the same stroke longer, or to adjust a turn etc.

    Working with 2.x I can't really find the same feature. It's not all bad though, I like how we're able to combine two different strokes, and being able to change stroke direction helps out too. I guess my question is does Cacani 2.x still have "merge strokes: combined" option to redraw lines or have join strokes and change stroke direction replaced this?

    Btw, I'm really loving Cacani 2.x. It's much more stable on my laptop, I haven't had a problem with it yet, and everything just feels so much smoother. Thank you for your work to make this one of the best animation programs.

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    Hi Starry Sky, sorry for any confusion. The functions are now under different names.

    Join Cling strokes.PNG


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      Thank you for your help. I used this all the time in Cacani 1.x so I'm glad it's still available.
      ( ^_^)