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Can't use hidden or invisible strokes on occluded objects

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  • Can't use hidden or invisible strokes on occluded objects

    When I set an object as occluded I cant use the segment tool to make invisible or hidden strokes on the line. Is this a limitation?

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    Dear neuroconnect,
    Yes, the occluded stroke property is the same as that of the hidden stroke property, with the difference that it responds automatically to the boundary stroke. So the segment tool will not work properly with an occluded stroke. But if you have a particular scenario where you need them to work together, please let us know.


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      neuroconnect, you can use occluded strokes to get start point result and if you need to hide or unhide some segments manually, you can disable "Auto Update Occluded Strokes" option in "View - Stroke Display Options" menu and then use Segment Tool.
      f you need to use occluded strokes again, just enable "Auto Update Occluded Strokes" option. Also, you can manually update occluded strokes even if "Auto Update Occluded Strokes" option is disabled. Just right click on current frame in the Cel Bank and click on "Update Selected Occluded Strokes". You can use this function to only selected strokes too.
      Last edited by Eugene Babich; 05-26-2019, 02:34 AM.


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        Thank you for the responses! The scenario that happened to me is a leg which the upper thigh is occluded by a skirt but lower part needed a hidden line. I guess the solution is just to break the lines into smaller parts and be more mindful. Thanks for the tip Eugene.