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  • Windows Tablet Support?

    I have a Samsung Notebook 9 Pro laptop with S Pen that I use for my drawing and animation. I downloaded the 2.0 trial but I'm not able to use the S Pen. I've tried with and without enabling the Windows Ink Support under File. I can draw on the canvas but can not access any other icons, tools, menus, etc. The only other thing I can do is click on the "x" to close dialogue boxes. I can use the S Pen in every other program I use on this Notebook. Any ideas?
    Thanks, Tim

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    Hi Tim, we're sorry about your experience. We'll need some time to do a check on the pen support. Can we verify the model of the S-Pen? Does it look like this:


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      That looks like it. I added a pic below of the S Pen and the Noris Digital pen I use with the Samsung. Not having luck using either of them. The Samsung laptop model is NP940X5N. Thanks for looking into this.


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        Dear Tim, this is something that we're actively looking into. We will report back the moment we have a solution.