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How can I get Cacani exported files into Adobe products? Only shows black video!

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  • How can I get Cacani exported files into Adobe products? Only shows black video!

    Hi there, my team has been using Cacani to try and see if it will fit with our workflow, and I've come into some problems with the files Cacani exports, and the editors I use.

    I use Adobe CS6 suite of products, specifically After Effects and Premiere.

    Unfortunately, it seems as though none of the file types Cacani exports are able to be opened in these programs with any export settings, and I believe it is related in part to the "FMP4" codec used to export both the AVI and mp4 file types. Both file types using the FMP4 codec will not display video in Premiere or AE, but do not display any errors.

    To try and get around this, I attempted to export as a wmv, which only produced errors in both adobe products.

    Running the file through Adobe Media Encoder only produces a black video file. I do not want to encode the files in the first place, as this destroys video quality and can cause massive delays with render time/corrupted encodes (I don't trust 3rd party encoders)

    Playback in windows 7 is flawless both on Windows Media Player and VLC player with each file type.

    I have installed multiple codec packs attempting to solve this issue but to no avail. Do you know of any codecs that will make an FMP4 file play in these editors? Is there a button or drop down that we are missing when we export from Cacani?

    I have attached and image of the clip properties from inside Premiere.

    I'm sure there is something I'm missing, as AE is industry standard for compositing and I can't imagine using anything else to accomplish our goals.

    Are we out of luck using Cacani with Adobe products? Am I forced to export as an image sequence and then basically reconstruct the file in AE? AE does not like alpha channels unless you are dealing with a psd file directly, so the benefits of image sequence, other than the possibility of actually working, are not fully utilized. (Will I have to go **Image Sequence > Photoshop file > After Effects** to get this to work this way with the alpha channel?)

    Does anyone know how to get around this? Has anyone used Adobe products to compile and edit their cacani projects?

    And a final question, what editing and compositing programs have people used that support the files Cacani produces? I have over 15 years of experience using Adobe products and would really like to keep using them, but our animators love using Cacani (After getting used to it over the last month) so I'm at an impasse.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

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    Hi Vike! CACANi's export video formats are compressed and mainly for viewing, not editing. We do not offer editing formats for video, so exporting image sequences from CACANi is the way to go for now. Do you have problems with the alpha in the exported image sequences?