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HELP! My CACANi file will not open!

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  • HELP! My CACANi file will not open!

    Hello! I was working on my project in CACANi, but for some reason it wouldn't let me save, so I grit my teeth and closed the software so I could just restart from my last save.
    Unfortunately, this didn't let me do that. The program now won't let me open up my file at all! When I try to open it, it says: "Error opening the file. File version is: 36"

    Does anybody know how to open up previous saves of my file? I've spent months on this, and now I'm afraid I lost all of my progress! I tried resetting my computer and uninstalling and reinstalling CACANi, but it still gives me this error message! Please help!
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    A week late but... try importing your corrupted file into a clean file.

    Create a new, blank cacani project. Select 'File' --> 'Import File'. Navigate to and select your corrupted file. Press 'Open.' Save your new project as a new file (don't save over your old file just in case!)


    I have this happen with Cacani from time to time. Still makes my heart stop. Hope this helps!