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Unable to save newly created projects

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  • Unable to save newly created projects

    Hello -

    I am running v1.3.39.12317 on Windows7 Pro x64, with a currently active subscription.

    At this time I am unable to save any work created from scratch inside the program : neither Save, Save As, or Save Project as are currently responding. It used to work fine when I first started using the program a few weeks ago, but not anymore. Meaning that in order to save any work, I currently need to make sure that I first open an old/existing file, perform a Save As to save it under a different name, delete the contents, and finally start working.

    Please let me know what I can do to help you identify, reproduce, and fix this issue.

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    Hi P.O., can you email us at We'll like to know more about the problem.


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      Hello Support team - understood, done. Thanks !