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Cacani not compatible with Surface Pro?

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  • Cacani not compatible with Surface Pro?

    Hello, I recently obtained and started using the trial version of Cacani. When I took out my surface pen and started using it, nothing appears. When I select a drawing layer and use the pen tool or anything, it doesn't seem like any of the tools are working, only when I use my mouse do the tools work but not when I use the stylus.
    Here are my surface pro specifications:

    New Surface Pro (2017) Model
    Core i7 Processor
    16gb of RAM
    Thank you for the help!

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    Hi Backster, under the Tools menu, there is an option to switch to TabletPC support. Can you enable that option, restart CACANi and see if the surface pen works?


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      Hi Backster thank you for this post..
      did it finally work, I'm about to get a Surface Book or maybe a HP Zbook x2 and I want to know if Cacani will work with Surface.

      Thank you again,