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  • Hardware Requirements

    May I know what is the miminum hardware requiriments for CACANi software?

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    Hello Jingang, please look below for some specs.

    2 GHz Intel® / AMD® processor 3 GHz Intel® / AMD® processor
    Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows 7
    512 MB RAM At least 2 GB RAM
    Video card supporting Direct3D or OpenGL with at least 128 MB of RAM Video card supporting OpenGL with at least 1 GB of RAM
    Monitor with at least 1024x768 resolution Monitor with at least 1440x900 resolution
    Mouse device Graphics Tablet or Tablet Monitor device
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      Will the software run on Windows 8?


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        Hello Sam,

        Yes, CACANi will work on Windows 8.


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          Hum? Instalando el tryal en el unico ordenador que no funciono fue en mi laptop Dell 15R Core i5, le descargue a mi hijo mayor el programa para que practique y en su laptom que tambien es dell, una inspiron no recuerdo que tipo, fallo, hay alguna incompatibilidad con algunas lapton.


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            Interesante. Escribe todo los detalles de la maquina. tambien incluye fotos de error.


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              Alguien me pregunto cual tableta es la idonea, entre los modelos de Cintiq, Yiynova y Bosto, especificar por favor la recomendada


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                Yo tengo Cintiqs, y todas funcionan bien. Tambien tengo la Bosto 22HD Mini, y es buena, pero con lapiz nuevo que acaban de soltar.
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                  Hi , I've question !

                  i will buy this week new computer specially for Cacani and i would know if this specification is good for Cac':

                  Intel CORE 2 DUO T9600 - 2.8 Ghz (6Mo cache L2 - 2x2.8Ghz)
                  Ram : 4 Go
                  Graphic Card : Quadro FX 770M - Nvidia
                  Monitor : 15.4" TFT FULL HD wide 16/10 1920*1080
                  Memory video : 512 MO

                  Thanks for you're answers.
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                    Hi, this looks adequate. I guess this is within your budget?


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                      Thanks Hongze for you answers .

                      Yes I said before I did not want to change the material but wanting full use cacani I'll buy a new computer.
                      Computer that is in my budget so I wanted to know if it was enough to Cacani .
                      Well, Already have 2 computers, I will not put an excessive price either specially for Cacani.
                      This is : Dell PrecisionMobile Workstation M4400

                      So it's good for Cacani ?

                      Thanks .


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                        Quadro FX 770M apparently has OpenGL 3.3 support. So specifications wise, it's good for CACANi.

                        Unrelated to CACANi use:

                        If it's a pre-owned machine, do take some time to test the hardware by running some stress test software, like FurMark or GPUTest, right after acquiring it.

                        Personally, I have not seen too many CPUs die. Intel CPUs can live quite long! Motherboards, graphics cards and ram tend to die earlier than CPUs.


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                          I'll finally take Dell Mobile Workstation M4500 but configuration change so i always good ? This Computer is more expensive than other so i would like to be sure.

                          Intel CORE I7 Q740 - 1.73Ghz (2.8Ghz en mode Turbo) (6Mo de cache L2 - QUAD CORE - 4*1.73/2.8Ghz)
                          4 go
                          Graphic card : Quadro FX 880M - Nvidia
                          Memory video :1024 mo
                          Monitor : 15.6" LED ULTRASHARP 16/10 FULL HD 1920*1080

                          Thanks Hongze for you answers


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                            That is definitely better if you can afford it. It really depends on your budget. But the second machine can probably be useful to you longer.

                            You can also add more ram, replace the hard disk with a solid state drive... XD

                            Kidding! Just work within your budget.


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                              Okay thank for you answers Hongze ! ! I can buy it so i take it hehe !

                              I used tablet pc normally , so i gotta buy graphic tablet for this new computer and Cacani .

                              Cacani work with all graphic tablet ? I would buy an older tablet : Wacom Intuos 2 it's good for working with Cacani ?