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Raster stylus issue

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  • Raster stylus issue

    When you draw on a raster layer. Sometimes the stylus stops working for a few seconds.

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    It looks like autosave. The file is saving longer because it contains raster images.


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      I don't know if it's related. I do not use autosave, I prefer to save manually. In all cases its two options are disabled:

      1) Autosaving pause temporaly
      2) Enable file autosaving

      But the problem still persists.


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        hi cacanim, is there a consistent duration between the times the stylus stops working?


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          Sorry for late reply , I have the impression that it happens randomly. I did not noticed consistent duration when the stylus stop working. Generally it's very short.

          By the way not related to this issue but there is an another raster issue.

          when you use the delete key to remove some drawings, it creates a copy of "strokes" instead of erasing them. I do not know how to reproduce it, it also seems random. Generally, that works but sometimes it creates an extra copy. : /


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            About the bug that duplicate rasters strokes instead of removing them, here's a way to reproduce the bug.

            1- make a selection of strokes located at the top of the canvas.

            2- it is important that the selection includes a part of the border of the canvas.

            3_click on delete multiple times.

            The bug seems linked only with this part of the canvas (at the top). cacani_raster bug.png
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