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activate 2.0 upgrade?

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  • activate 2.0 upgrade?

    I bought an upgrade of Cacani 2.0 and in my excitement to experiment with new features, I forgot to deactivate version 1.3 first, and removed the older version upon installation. Now I can't activate 2.0 because it gives me the "All older versions need to be deactivated first" error. Has anyone come across this? is there a work around? I contacted Cacani support and I'm currently waiting for them to help, which they normally are very good at, but I thought I would post here in case others might learn from my own inept, technological lack of intelligence. Thanks!

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    Hi anim8ortim, we checked, but did not see any request from you. Please drop us a message at


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      Want to give a shout out to Cacani Support . They responded extremely quick and had me back up and working in no time. Cacani Support You Rock!!

      Lesson to learn here.... Make sure you deactivate 1.3 before installing 2.0!!