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Cel Bank Disappeared

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  • Cel Bank Disappeared

    I tried dragging it to another part of the window, like I did with the tool box, and it straight up vanished. It doesn't show up anywhere, even when I disable all the other tools. How can I get it back?
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    Hi AriaJarvis,

    You can use this icon (selected in image) to bring back the cel bank. Alternatively, you can reset the panel positions via Edit menu > Reset Panel Locations.
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      Toggling the cel bank didn't do anything, neither did Reset Panel Locations. Strangely, Reset Panel Locations didn't even move my toolbox to the right side of the screen where it originally was.


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        First, make sure that the CACANi software is closed.

        In the Documents folder in Windows Explorer, you can find the CACANi subfolder. Open the subfolder and delete all the files inside. Reopen CACANi. Do you see the panels back in their original positions?


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          It worked! Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it!


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            Just for the record:
            Cacani wasn't showing part of the User Interface, no Cel Bank and no right side menus.
            I went to the CACANi sub-folder in Documents folder following the Cacani Support and everything worked as expected.
            Thank you!