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  • Yiynova issue

    I recently installed the trial version of CACANi and I started experiencing these issues from the drawing tool for some odd reason when I try to draw a line it would not show up and I would have to excessively tap on my tablet to show up and it'll show up looking bad and also when I enable "Tablet PC" the pen pressure goes away I don't know if it's my tablet or the software.

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    Hello OfosuMasterXD, are you using the latest tablet drivers? You can try do a test, uninstall the tablet drivers completely from your system. Then test CACANi with the "Tablet PC" mode "enabled" and "disabled". Take pictures of the results, and post them here for us to see.


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      I've noticed that cacani works perfectly with both the pressure of the tablet as yinova without pressure, so good to install the driver yiynova, there loses sensitivity.
      yinova funciona peerfectamente con cacani sin los drivers