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  • Error RAF_1006

    I keep getting Error RAF_1006 with the latest install. I had a paying gig and went back to the previous version.

    Need the software to work.


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    Dear Dale, we're very sorry for this. Is this a periodic issue? Or happens right after you opened the new version? Let us know when is a convenient time for you, for troubleshooting.


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      The Error RAF_1006 is still with the latest release.

      I had to go to an previous version. Now that version just gave me an 'activation fail xxxxxl license number xxxxx' This is bad. real bad. I'm trying to get a paying gig that is long term. I going to have to find some other software.

      So I close the fail window and it is asking for a license number. I copy and past the number from my email. The one I got yesterday. It's telling me that "You have used up your failed activation quota! please wait 15 minuets before trying again."

      This look like your license sever is having problems.

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        A mi me paso el mismo error, me comunique con los soportes de CACAni y me ayudaron, se corrigio con dos archivos clear que me enviaron luego de confirmar mis datos, por cierto una excelente asistencia Gracias!.


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          I have same problem but it RAF_1002
          Just happen tonight
          It may related about the lasted release because
          last time i use this program almost a month ago it just fine.
          Now i sent e-mail in Cacani Website waiting for their reply.
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            Their is a program that will clear the license. Then all you have to do is reactivate the license. This is the second time I had to get the clear program. Ask for support it.