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Drawing Tool a little sluggish / laggy

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  • Drawing Tool a little sluggish / laggy

    When drawing FAST strokes with the drawing tool, the "ink" lags behind my stylus. And it's not only a "feeling" issue, it actually affects how strokes are rendered. For example, If I draw a jagged line with 2 inch magnitude, the rendering does not keep up, the software smooths the line to only have 1 inch magnitude. Similarly, if I try to draw a circle too fast, it feels like the brush rendering lags behind, and does not properly close the circle at the end, leaving a gap. In other words, my stylus finished drawing the circle, but the software did not keep up, leaving a gap at the end.

    When drawing slow strokes, this is not really an issue. Just seems like it affects the accuracy any time I draw too fast.

    I'm drawing on a Surface Pro 3. Not sure if CACANi uses WinTab or TabletPC drivers? In any case, the pressure sensitivity is working fine.

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    I'd guess you probably just need to turn down the smoothing on the drawing tool. The setting is on the top of the screen there, right by the opacity and size settings.


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      Hi artbiddy turn off cling and place 0 to smooth as mentioned Krisoyo :


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        Very small pic new >>>
        Turn off all Cling:


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          Correct, you will need to use the "smoothing" option, and test it to your personal liking.

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            Worked like a charm! Low smoothness feels a lot better since I use fast / messy strokes! Thanks so much!


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              Glad it worked!