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Cintiq companion 2 with cacani sluggish / laggy

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  • Cintiq companion 2 with cacani sluggish / laggy

    When I draw it is slow, the software flashes. When i drawing with the drawing tool, there are lags , bad fluidity, the software seems unstable. I don't know why ?

    I used that with a cintq companion 2 (256g, 8 g ram). My cintiq works very well on Manga studio and Toon boom.

    i have a trial version.

    Ty for advance and sorry for my english.

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    Dear Cintiq_anim, we are sorry you are experiencing these issues.

    Regarding the flashing issue, we are currently looking into it. It happens on some machines with Intel graphics cards.

    Regarding the lags, bad fluidity, would you be able to show it with some videos? Or it could be that you have enabled the Smoothing property. You can send it to us at

    Your english is very good!


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      I send you the video on the troubleshooting that I noticed when I used Cacani (on

      Cacani is a great software but it does not seem to work with my cintiq companion2. It is very frustrating. I noticed that cacani is flashing much more with a bad fluidity when I am drawing on a sketch layer.

      See you soon.