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  • No color options?

    Hi there! I just started experimenting with Cacani, so maybe I'm missing something basic, but when I click on the fill bucket tool, I only see two option in the options panel - "Replace existing color" and a black box then when you hover over it multiple gray boxes appear in a row. I've attached a screenshot. I'm trying to automatically color the rest of the generated frames using the first keyframe as reference. The manual tells me to click "Auto color current frames" (I believe), but I can't find that button.

    This is unrelated, but I also am experiencing a bug where when I launch Cacani, a dialogue box pops up that says "Restoring colors" and there's no way to get rid of it, so I just have to move it off to the side.

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    I hope this helps.



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      Thanks Dale!

      Hi Joe, this happens as we've changed the user interface. The autocolouring options are now in its own panel, sorry about that!

      As for your error regarding the restoring colour popup, can I first check with you the CACANi version you're using? You can find it in HELP > About.


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        Thanks, Dale!

        OK, I found that. It still doesn't seem to work, though. I click on it and the popup appears and freezes. It filled in two elements, both eyebrows and one eyeball, but the rest is untouched. (And on only one frame in the middle of the sequence, the eyebrows and eyeball are blank, too)

        My version is

        Thanks for the help!


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          Hi JoeGP, if you do not mind, please send the file to us at We can do a check for you.


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            Originally posted by Hongze View Post
            Hi JoeGP, if you do not mind, please send the file to us at We can do a check for you.

            Thanks, will do!