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  • Problem strokes color

    Hi ,

    i've a problem with color .
    The strokes becomes grey when i draw and when i render files it's white..
    I also problem with opengl 3 , a error popup appear .
    I'm embarassing with that.

    My computer is a Tablet Pc : Lenovo X200T with Windows 7x64, i've a last driver for my graphic cards. And i can't try with a another pc because i did not another.
    I'm embarrasing because i buy a licence of 365 days and i really LOVE this software .
    I can't change my pc because i draw with, and i feel in love with my tablet pc.

    I hope that you can help me .

    Edit : I've also crash when i want export in gif.

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    Hi nyaky, regarding your OpenGL message, we'll have a way to allow you to turn it off. We're very sorry for that.

    In the meantime, please try to turn off the anti-aliasing mode in the menu options.


    Please try drawing and exporting with the anti-aliasing turned off. Let us know if it helps.


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      Thanks for your answers.

      I've try to draw without anti-aliasing. All features works perfectly i can draw and animate normally with color BUT when i want to export my animation,all my strokes become grey and my render files has white or transparent. I try with the anti-anliasing turned off but didn't work. ( The only format that i can export with good render and color is svg )

      Also when i want render gif files my Cacani worklfow crash.
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        Thank you, we need to know that anti-aliasing works fine on the canvas.

        Please let me double-check: when exporting, you have turned off anti-aliasing as shown below by the red arrow


        But the exported image is still grey. Correct?


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          Anti-aliasing don't work on my canvas, my strokes is not clean but i can draw and animate .

          Yes it's correct, i've turned off anti-aliasing and my export image still grey, i try again and here it's totally white . ( Also the render view is totally white i don't see preview of my animation)
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            Hi nyaky, the Lenovo X200t does not support OpenGL 3.0.

            This prevents the machine from exporting images properly. In the meantime, do you have a separate computer with a better graphics card? One workaround we can suggest for now, is to use a better machine only for exporting images. You can transfer the purchased license by deactivating it from the X200t and installing it on another computer.


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              Like i say, i don't have another pc , so i don't have better machine.

              So i've buy Cacani and i can't use it correctly? Is embarrasing .


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                We're very sorry for this. CACANi requires OpenGL 3.0 and above to work fully. We won't be able to guarantee that we can find a way to solve your current problem in a short amount of time.

                If you wish to get a refund, please contact us at


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                  I sent email.

                  I'm very disappointed because i love cacani.

                  Thank you anyway


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                    Very good news !

                    Its' ok.
                    Workflow with another software ( Anime studio Pro ) resolved problem for export and render my animation.