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My Project Animation using 80% of Cacani

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  • My Project Animation using 80% of Cacani

    Hei Guys! I joined in 2017 but only now I'm posting something haha. Just to say Cacani is a awesome friend for inbetweens and colors. The video below is the result of using Cacani in 80%. Some cuts Me and my team work by hand. I did it with 1.0. Its so nice that 2.0 is out.

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    Amazing work! Please let us know more details of your project, I'm sure more people want to learn from your experience.


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      Sure! I'm bad at recording a video for it. But i can share some files from the latest Cacani 1.0 for anyone who might take a interest


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        Your short was really inspiring! I really wish there could be a bts timelapse at least, to see your process. Great stunning work, man!


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          Sharing another animamochi post from our Discord chat
          Today I did my test on cacani 2.0. Work nicely for me without any bug so far. My workflow is simple. Keys in Clip Studio and of course the Inbetween and Color in Cacani

          And, a giant 5 hours stream of his complete process:

          And to top it all, he has graciously put up the CACANi file for anyone to download!

          *To open the file, you will need to at least download and install the CACANi trial software (doesn't expire but cannot save, limited exporting):


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            Watching this is inspiring and it looks like there's a lot of joy in the animation. I'm also happy to see the head turn. I'm currently working on trying to figure that out myself and it's pretty hard.