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    Happy valentines day! I'll be stuck working so posting kind of early, lol. Recently I've been doing quite a few "one draws" (Japanese one hour drawing challenges on twitter), and hence i decided to throw animating within an hour as a challenge to myself too. In my excitement over the auto inbetweening options in cacani, I forgot that this software is also powerful for hand drawn animation too (due to the lightbox features)- this is the first time i didn't use the auto inbetween options, and hence the stroke matching was a total mess, lol. Even though it's less consistent, it's more intuitive and faster for me this way. I should probably mix around with both fully hand-drawn and in betweening for more efficiency I guess, cacani is still good for animation which requires lots of frames and consistency, or for simple characters in my experience.

    And I added hands for the animation in the previous post, "nyahh!" (or at least that's what one Japanese fan said that looks like what he says.) Doesn't look like it works on the forums (could be file size) so the original link here: