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Apple and worm going through wormhole

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  • Apple and worm going through wormhole

    Hi all! o/ I've been playing with CACANi for 2 days and I love it. I bought the 30 days license but I can tell I'll be buying a long term license shortly after. Even with its flaws and bugs, common to new softwares, CACANi made traditional animation practical to me. I'm a one-man team making a videogame and I was looking for some media to create cutscenes. I had experience with traditional animation in the past but I never considered it seriously for anything other than personal amusement, seeing how it takes 38271 hours for half a second of animation (I may be exaggerating). But with CACANi I can finally allow myself to animate, make things for my own pleasure and my projects, and still have a life with other activities in it! I can even get married and have kids while I animate. Crazy stuff.

    Anyway, here's my little animation I made yesterday. The context is: apple and worm are going through a wormhole. Obviously.

    It may not look super professional or anything but I'm quite proud of it. Even without doing shades and highlights yet.

    I still have no idea how to make my background though. It should be a trippy spinning infinite hallway of sorts. Any ideas?