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CACANi Test - I love this software

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  • CACANi Test - I love this software

    CACANi 1.1 is Amazing this is a test Woooo i like CACANi.

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    Can you teach me how you do the background, is it looping ?


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      Good for backgrounds it is best to use an artistic program for digital design as photoshop or krita, you create the most distant parts of the background and separate those that are in the foreground, in CACANi what would make are the animated characters and objects, then will need a program for video editing and composing pieces background there.

      if it is a loop you must make sure your background tie continuously from left to right, marrow match for the filling then perform panning not notice using the necessary duplications the loop with once you repeat it enough, then back along the entire timeline
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        i see, i have to do something like "Looping pan background"
        and add some effect to make speeding line in my bg ,right?