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Locking the Length of a Line in Place?

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  • Locking the Length of a Line in Place?

    Hey! I was trying to animate hair, and I had trouble keeping the length of the line that I was editing consistent due to all the curving I had to do to the line to make it look like flowing hair. I haven't found a workaround yet if this is possible (other than eyeballing it), but is there any way to lock the length of a line as I edit the points? Like, instead of the end point of a line staying completely still as I edit another point (which stretches the line out), is there any way the end point of the line can move with the other point I'm editing in an attempt to keep the length of the line consistent?

    Sorry if what I'm requesting is confusing, it's a bit hard to explain, haha! Thank you anyway!

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    I think I thought of a separate way to explain it.

    So there's three equally distanced points in a horizontal line, A, B, and C. If I move B vertically in Cacani, as far as I know, both A and C will stay in the same spot, causing the line's length to get longer (or stretching the line) as I move B vertically. Is there any way I can move B without changing the length of the line? Logically, it would be to move A and C perpendicular to B, right? A would move to the right half the distance B moved and C would move to the left half the distance B moved, keeping the length of the line the same as if I had never moved B at all. The line is now curved, yet the length of the line is equal to how it was originally. Is there an automated process in Cacani for this? If not, could you implement one? That would be extremely helpful for animating objects that do not stretch and need to flow fluidly, such a hair.