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Anybody know how to resize strokes across frames?

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  • Anybody know how to resize strokes across frames?

    Hey guys! I'm having a bit of a problem. I animated something, but I made it too small in the frame! I'm having a bit of trouble resizing the animation across frames. I understand that I can zoom in with the camera itself, but since this is a vector-based program, I think the quality of the line would be better if I were to resize the strokes instead. I figured out how to resize multiple layers on a single frame, but I can't figure out how to do this for the rest of the frames at the same time. I'd like the change to be consistent across, you know? Does anybody know a workaround? Thanks in advanced!

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    I looked into the User Manual, and it says that there's an "All Frames" selection in the Edit bar, but when I pull down the Edit bar, it doesn't appear. Was this a feature that was removed?


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      Hi JoshingWithYa,

      With regards to the Camera Tool, this might help:


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        Thanks, Cacani Support, but that wasn't really what I was trying to do. CACANi is a vector-based program, so resizing the strokes across frames would be more beneficial than resizing the camera, and, by extension, decreasing the resolution when we get to exporting the animation in the end.

        I found a workaround for anybody who's interested, though! If you draw a box around your animation and copy that box into every frame, then you'll be able to resize every frame individually (which is kind of a pain, but it's better than nothing!) by pushing Q, Ctrl A (Make sure all the layers you want to resize are unlocked!). As long as you use the width and height options in the Property Bar to get the resizing pixel-perfect for each frame, all the layers will stay consistent thanks to that box you copied and pasted onto every frame!