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  • Clone frame

    I would like to request a feature similar to Plastic Animation Paper's clone frame option, the equivalent in Toon Boom is extend exposure I think. What it does is it adds one or more copies of the current frame to the timeline which are automatically updated with any changes that are made to the original.

    I could see it being useful for testing the timing of animation roughs drawn in Cacani before performing any clean-up and generating in-betweens.

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    Hello Catharton, you can extend the exposure and "clone/duplicate" frames already. Please refer to the video below. You can drag the frames on the timeline and an panel with options will show. Looks at the option you want and give it a try.



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    As far as I can tell duplicated frames don't appear to be linked to the original frame though. So for example if I were to add 20 duplicates of a key frame to my timeline and then decide I want to make a change to the key frame and all 20 of it's duplicates I would need to remove all the duplicated frames first (which have no indication that they are duplicates either) make my changes and then duplicate the frames again.
    In the software I just mentioned all I would need to do is draw the changes on the original frame and all the cloned frames would update automatically.


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      Hello Catherton, we will look further into this!

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    Yes! I second this suggestion strongly.
    I think pretty much every decent animation software I have used (TVPaint, PAP, Pencil, Flash) has had this function so I'm honestly very surprised it's missing.

    The lack of it makes it very inconvenient to do any sort of frame modulation. And it's really hard to time the animation when you are sketching it and don't even have the possibility to generate in-betweens. All you can do is use the duplicate function to test the timing. And when all the key frames are duplicated multiple times all over the timeline it gets really hard to navigate. Exceedingly so on the sketch layer, where you don't even have the numbers of strokes to go by, and just a line.

    The workaround I'm currently trying is to separate the keys onto two layers, so that every other key frame goes onto the second layer. Making it possible to see where the keys start and end.Then, if I find I have to add another key in the middle somewhere, I add a third layer so I don't mess up the pattern. And then if I have to redraw/ change something on one of those frames I have to duplicate the key over again. All of which is a lot of extra work and not very intuitive.

    So yeah, I really think this function should be prioritized.