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    Okay this feature I'm about to request will be game changing and be a alternative to boundary/occluded strokes and "masking" Say if you have several cels/layers for drawings so for example "Left Eye, Right Eye, Left Leg, Right Leg, Left Hair Strand, Right Hair Strand, etc..."

    You could control when they go on top through group nesting. How this would work in the layer tab area you select multiple cels or layers within a cel right click and group them together. After you group them you can nest things in the layers by dragging them above or below each other when needed and they'll animate and update the frames you desire. So for example lets say you have a group for the body and within it you have your right arm, torso, and the left arm. The right arm is above the body the left is below. Lets say you want the character to turn to the other side you have them animate as normal but the second the left arm goes above the body you just drag the left arm layer above the torso and drag the right arm below the torso. It would automatically update for that frame only so it animates properly.

    This will get rid of the headache and unnecessary boundary/occluded strokes and masking for this type of thing. Its essentially the same thing as bringing a masking forward while moving the other backwards however this method makes it more easy and less messy on one layer. You still keep masking for blinks and other things which you call the inverted mask but having proper group layers and layer nesting within groups will make head and body turns so much easier same with hand movements. I'll do a video if needed to show an example with a different software.

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