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SVG improvement's and Better interaction with Opentoonz

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  • SVG improvement's and Better interaction with Opentoonz

    Hello Cacani team,

    First of all thank you for this new version that brings unique features to Cacani. Boundary strokes and Auto feature point tool are incredible. I was a big fan of segment tools. But here it's even better as time saver.

    However ... The cacani evil's is the crash, and it is always present quite frequently in my projects. Just like the disappearance of the images of the layers.

    And my big disappointment though is the multiple crashes that occur when loading SVGs.

    SVG really needs a lot more love for better support. I really thought that version 2 would bring that, a request already expressed.

    Another request also is to improve the transfer to Opentoonz and a better support of the SVG between both.

    Cacani and opentoonz are two very compatible and complementary software in their functionality. An export directly to opentoonz or a better reading of SVG files would be really cool. And same thing to read SVG from opentoonz. (especially able to continue tweening strokes from svg files since the two software that has this feature.)

    Actually, i have to make many conversions betwwen different sofware to have a chance to load svg files into Cacani for my cleanup. Very frustrating.

    Do you have any thoughts on theses requests ?

    Thank you.
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