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Is there a line texture functionality in CACANi?

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  • Is there a line texture functionality in CACANi?

    Hello guys!

    This looks like such a wonderful software that I'm considering buying the perpetual license. However, before I do, I would like some clarification regarding line texture functionality:

    In one of the sample videos that you guys have provided (can be viewed here:, I noticed that the finalized line art has a much rougher and natural-looking polish to it. The line weight in some areas are even varied for every frame, making it very appealing to look at. I've uploaded 2 pictures to compare: one before, and one after polish.

    Was this done in CACANi, or was it done separately in Flash?

    Regardless of if it was done in CACANi or not, this is an amazing piece of software, and I look forward to using it!

    Thank you,

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    Hi trilxs,

    Thank you for your interest. As far as we know, it was done as a post process. Like you, it is our guess that it was added in Flash, but we could be wrong.