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  • Eugene Babich Feature Request List

    Hi, i hope some features from my list will be added and i can speed up my workflow.

    1 - apply stroke color to all frames (i use the multi colored strokes and i spend a lot of time for this)

    2 - apply stroke color from previous frame.

    3 - set stroke index manually and ability to do this in all frames (i need to sort colored strokes in depth and must CUT and PASTE strokes to solve my task, but it break my color regions. If i COPY and PASTE strokes, color regions don't breaks, but i have duplicated strokes in the frame)

    4 - an audio playback current frame if drag timeline playhead. (It need to lipsync. An audio layer not all time played correct and without drag preview very hard to find phonemes in the timeline)

    5 - ability to Increase and decrease numbers of palette sections and import - export palettes.

    6 - ability to edit group (open) or select individual strokes without ungrouping

    7 - ability to pick color with an alpha value from filled color region

    8 - ability to select multiple points (and multiple points in multiples strokes) with Point Picker Tool

    9 - auto following beziers (like in Moho 12) when move points with Point Picker Tool or use influence to minimize distortions

    10 - ability to convert frame to the keyframe, or move keyfreme, only in individual layers in one Cel (to easier desynchronize movements)

    11 - ability to fix holes in the stroke segments with the Clean Up Tool

    12 - ability to regroup strokes without losing the paths (Bone Tool)

    13 - copy - paste keyframes (copy all vectors and paste into other frames without a vector selection)

    14 - the noise stroke tool for add line variability when reuse strokes from previous keyframes without redrawing