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Need Bitmap paint Brush, stylus sensitivity pressure please!

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  • Need Bitmap paint Brush, stylus sensitivity pressure please!

    Hello, coming from adobe flash cs6 background and switching to cacani is a hard adjustment. Cacani has some interesting tools that make it easier to animate a little bit but i feel its still missing a lot of key features such as bitmap paint brush, stylus pen pressure, tilt sensitivity, symbols, library, color palette, texture, paint normal mode: paint fill, paint fills, paint behind, paint selection and inside. Have a library for scenes and thumbnails, and import mp3 files. Things i like about cacani so far are the line modes, auto paint frames, layers, timing inbetween chart, and things i dont like about are the line menu on top, i hate to adjust my pen size and opacity for every change, it would be better to make a shortcut. i dont like the the frame setting in time line, i cant even figure out how to run a frame more than one frame and seeing a node everywhere doesnt make me feel happy. i prefer frame by frame method, which i can draw a line without any snapping to any close line. Only used it for about an hour so its about 50/50 with me, i will keep using it until my trial ends and see if its worth it or not. I like animating frame by frame and inbetweening, that is why i have been using adobe flash for a while even though its not perfect. I would try toon boom harmony but cannot afford it.

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    So i discovered some of the problems i mentioned earlier have been answered through using the app today, having a sketch layer really makes things easier and now i think im in love with the pen tool and nodes haha. Importing wav files is neat but would like to have more than 30 frames of it especially because lip sync is very important for animators. i still have a ways to go with the program so I cant really say anything bad about it without fully going through everything. So far so good, good job cacani.
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      Nice progress! Glad you're working your way around the app. I think CACANi and Flash are both unique on their own. You can't really expect a drill to function like a hammer, right?

      If you haven't done so yet, you can check out the user manual here
      It answered a lot of my questions while animating.

      Like any other new software, it takes time to learn its functions and to get used to implementing them to your workflow.


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        Thanks!, it's going to be a struggle finding new ways to implement what I already know to Cacani unique program. I just downloaded the manual and plan to read it after work, I will post my process in another thread. Awesome work btw, love the 80s robot.


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          Ah thanks, actually that robot was originally based off of one of the characters from the game Puzzle & Dragons, I just simplified him to make him look like a robot lol