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Add Option to export animations in SVG + SMIL format

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  • Add Option to export animations in SVG + SMIL format

    Please add support for SVG animation export!
    On the old Adobe Flash Pro I used this plugin for exporting an animation to an SVG file:

    Here are some examples of small exported animations from the plugin (click on them to play the animation):

    Here is a longer cartoon with audio:

    But with Cacani there is no addon to export an animation in SVG! Only single frames!

    Please add the option to export in SVG the entire animation, like the add on above (it doesn't use javascript or css, just SVG, and it works on Chrome browser).

    Thank you!

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    Any update on this? This is a very important feature. It would allow CACANi to be used for all web animations. Lots of sales. Please.


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      You can already do this. At the bottom of the export menu it gives you the option to export the current frame, or to export all frames. If you export all the frames, they'll be in a sequence which can then be imported into another application for creating your final output.