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Line directions and they numbers

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  • Line directions and they numbers

    I didnt saw the feature to skip the line im already drawing nex and draw difrent frame. Art isnt linear : ) Its, chaotic, sometimes. And if i draw the line backward i want an option for that line that i could animate that line backward. (to change line direction)

    and im interested in option to REdraw the line, without using button UNDO. in the condition in being with draw way ahead with wanted to draw again line

    thats it from me right now.
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    3) there should be also bitmap sketching on sketch layer : )


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      its should look like matching the lines after drawing. Each line could be conected with other line, After drawing lines.


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        you can use M and N keyboard shortcut to skip the line front and backward. To reverse the line, just select the line, right click it and select change direction. there is not yet bitmap sketch, as of i know. rest i couldn't get you.