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  • New coloring method

    So the other day I saw this video by accident, after trying to color my animations in Cacani...
    I love the tools in Cacani, but i was very impressed in the way this programs colors things, it feels so natural and hand-drawn.
    i would love to have a similar coloring feature. SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 - Autocomplete hand-drawn animations

    Investigation papers by :Jun Xing, Li-Yi Wei, Takaaki Shiratori, and Koji Yatani.
    Jun Xing, Li-Yi Wei, Takaaki Shiratori, and Koji Yatani. This prototype system is mainly designed for novice users, with goals like reducing manual labor and...

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    This is pretty cool! The animation feels a little unnatural but they could probably improve it eventually. But then again it could be because this program you linked makes use of straight ahead animation while CACANi works with pose to pose animation.

    I also find the deformation tool quite interesting! It'll be good CACANi could have something like that too haha.


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      I agree with you quirkidigital.
      the program that i linked lack a lot of features, control is none, it feels like you said unnatural...
      Cacani is by far a superior product.
      But my main focus on my message was how the program handles the color, in Cacani you need to use the paint bucket tool, but the software in the video you "paint" like its Corel painter or Krita.

      I dont know how they do this, its very awesome...


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        Oh, sorry about that. I missed the point of your post. The paint like effect in this program is pretty cool as well, definitely something I'd wish for in CACANi as well xD You're right, right now the paint bucket tool is all we got, it requires the addition (clicking) of colour on every section in order to get colour on all the areas. That program above seems a lot more free in terms of colouring, allowing it to go over the lines yet still work. Cacani right now also lacks a dedicated paint layer I think. I think there's a lot of good ideas and potential in that software you showed, thanks for sharing


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          ... From my point of view the manual fixing to keep things closed is hard.

          But i am an artist that uses Cacani for a few things/effects only, so for my workflow is faster to do find a software with a "close gap" feature
          and use it to color the Cacani content that i produce.