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Auto hiding/showing of segments (and a bunch of other things)

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  • Auto hiding/showing of segments (and a bunch of other things)

    After using this software since release now, I'm still insanely excited about it. And I completely love it. I do have some suggestions/requests though:

    1. Auto hiding of segments. Like if a stroke crosses another stroke, and gets hidden behind it manually in the first in-between, then I assume it wouldn't be too complicated to tell the software to automatically hide in the following in-betweens, the segments of that stroke that is still crossing the other stroke. Since it seems a bit time consuming and redundant to hide the same segment again and again in all the in-betweens.
    If the stroke crosses two strokes, then I assume it would be possible to have it identify that too, and hide the stroke segment that crosses the first stroke, and then show the segment that shows up again behind the second stroke, as long as it's done manually once.
    I guess problems could occur if a stroke is crossed twice, but as long as it can read which points of the stroke crosses where, I think even that should be possible to automate.
    And with whole strokes as well. so that if a stroke is completely hidden at an in-between, and then is hidden in the next keyframe, it should be possible to automatically hide the stroke from that in-between to the keyframe.
    This probably wouldn't work for every situation, but it seems from the little experience I've had with CACANi so far that this is how it is in most of the cases.
    So a tool to automate that would be really nice. And then as with everything else, manually fix up the bits that didn't work out correctly.

    2. It would be really really nice to be able to keep the selection between matching strokes when flipping through frames. Especially if I need to grab a hard to stroke that is hard to reach in one frame but not in another, or to identify matching strokes that I've already placed down.

    For me those are the most wanted ones, though here's a bunch of other ones too:

    3. An option to remove/add strokes to a group without having to replace the bone could be handy.

    4. Unlocking the value sliders, so that if you for example want a brush bigger than 30 px, you are allowed to type that into the value slider and it'll set it to that, even though if you just
    drag the slider it'll still stop at thirty.

    5. I also don't think that strokes that are not displayed on the screen should be affected by editing. As if you don't show the invisible lines/color separation lines you can still edit them. Seems a bit un-intuitive and makes it easy to erase things by accident. Then again some might want it... Maybe a tick-box for editing of un-shown lines might be an idea.

    6. I also feel that the colors are a bit finicky with disappearing and stuff when the frames are edited. So some way to lock them or something maybe? Really don't know if that's even possible with how the colors work though.

    7. Different brush types(if that's possible with vectors) and maybe being able to add noise like imprecision to the generated strokes to potentially give them a more hand drawn feel or wobbling effects?

    Really love CACANi so far though. I'm totally amazed by the results~ =w=
    Thanks for an amazing piece of software!
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    Hello Krisoyo,

    Thank you so much for taking the time for the write up. Every comment counts to help us make the best software for everyone. We have created a workout around the currently limitation for hidden mode via "Propagating Groups". The hidden mode will be progressively improved over time as we find the right balance of simplicity and efficacy.

    Please watch the video below showing how to use it:


    We will go through the rest of the list and analyze it.

    Thanks for using CACANI!