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  • Open area fill tool

    I would love a fill tool that ignores small gaps. This would save a lot of time when you don't have to close every gap individually. Here's a picture to demonstrate what I mean.

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    Yeah, I hope to see this too!
    For now, you don't necessarily have to close all of them individually though.
    The clean up tool has a really handy "all strokes" button, that'll attempt to fix all of that stuff in one button press.
    It might not succesfully get everyone of them, it does tend to miss out on some.

    If they could manage to give the bucket tool the option and maybe even an adjustable threshold for ignoring gaps, in a similar fashion to TVPaint / ClipStudio that would be really nice though.
    I'd imagine there could be some complications considering how the whole fill system is based on closed and open areas and with how the vectors work and all that, but
    I'd guess it should be possible somehow, but I'm just speculating.

    But considering this is a software that is all about saving time, I feel like this is a function well worth gettin in.


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      No estaria mal algo asi, como una cierta proximidad del contorno y que el programa asimile que esta cerrado a la hora de rellenar de colo (Y) me parece valido


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        Hello, this would be a nice feature to have.