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  • Extra frame settings and commands

    I love this program, great work guys! I'm currently testing whether it's suitable for making animations for game development, I'm currently working on a walk cycle, and noticed CACANi could use a few extra features in regards to working with frames:
    - A switch, that'll add a "ghost" frame of the first frame, after the last frame. This would help with looping animations.
    - With the "ghost" frame, being able to add inbetweens between the last and "ghost" first frame.
    - The ability to reorder frames in a layer, through the timeline via drag and drop. This could also work in place of the ghost frame. Currently having to copy and past is really tedious, especially on a drawing monitor/tablet.
    - Moving whole layers / selected frames.
    - Option to move selected stroke, and all "connected" stokes in subsequent frames.
    Keep up the good work, thanks for this awesome program!

    edit: Just noticed the wrapping option in the light box : )
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    1. By ghost frame, do you use it for referencing? We have an onionskinning feature, is that similar to what you have in mind?

    2. You can move a frame around by Clicking and Holding down the Right Mouse Button / Pen on a frame until the Hand icon appears. For multiple frames, Click and Drag to select the frames you need, then Hold down the Right Mouse Button / Pen on any of the selection until you see the Hand icon.

    3. For layers, you can move them as well, by Clicking and Dragging.


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      1. Yea I used it for referencing, just noticed the wrapping option in the light box, so it solves that.
      2. Oh nice, didn't notice this feature!

      By "moving" in the last 2 suggestions, I mean by pixel, like how you have it in the edit options. I use this quite a lot, since I try to mirror body parts whenever possible, and have to reposition them for isometric characters.


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        To help us understand better, could you show us a video or image of what you are trying to do?


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          Reading what the post, I'm imagining things using the program made me missing and not if we are talking about it, when you draw a key from 1 to 2 is the reference for plotting but if you want to draw between times with boxes through the skin remains unite but not the direction guide for the stroke, but like you said CACANi Support think it would be good to see this video.

          Leyendo lo del post, estoy imaginando cosas que utilizando el programa me han hecho falta y no se si estamos hablando de lo mismo, cuando dibujas en un key del 1 al 2 se ve la referencia para el trazado pero si quieres ir dibujando entre tiempos con cuadros de por medio el unios skin permanece pero no la guia de la direccion para el trazo, pero igual que lo dice CACANi Support opino seria bueno ver un video.