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    I hope the function to change same color at the same time in the parted area.
    Below is another animation production applications with palette.

    Moho Pro

    Toon Boom Harmony


    if everyone does not want a complicated GUI like a palette, simply replacing the selected color with another color will suffice.


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      Hi, I'm saving up to buy Microsoft's Surface Book and I think CACANi should take advantage of the Surface Dial that Microsoft has. I want to be able to have the Pen in one hand and the Dial in my other hand and each time I twist/ turn the Dial it should go to the next frame (or you could make the Surface Dial programmable withing CACANi).


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        Hello! ( ^_^)/
        I've started using Cacani and I really like the program.
        I was wondering if it was possible to add different types of audio formats in the future instead of just .wav files. I ask because .wav files can get pretty big but if we were able to use like mp3, or m4a or even webm audio files then it would help keep our projects to a much smaller size, and also not be too demanding on our computers. I only ask because my laptop isn't the best, and sometimes Cacani slows down or crashes if I have too many things going on (usually with the audio).

        Anyways, thank you and I hope you have a good day.


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          Maybe a simple physics engine to handle follow through actions, it would be soo cool for hair and other body parts.


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            Also it would be nice if you added an option for shape tweens or morphing, it would make a lot if things easier than just using individual lines for inbetweening. For example drawing the head without the ears as a whole shape, it would be easier to animate extreme angles changes without dealing with the mess of lines, and for adding details like hair or eyes, those would be easier using just classic lines.