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    I would like the pinch, zoom Rotate of the canvas to behave like sketchbook pro does. I have a cintiq 22 touch and it feels crippled when I can pinch and zoom and rotate all in one move. this would be especially useful in the inking or clean up stage to help get perfect lines. For me sketchbook pro has the best drawing experience on a cintiq, if cacani begins to feel like that it'd be miles ahead of other animation software.


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      Audio support is a great start, but being able to use audio that is longer than 30 seconds long would be really useful and much appreciated. Along with that, being able to move the audio around the timeline would also be useful, sort of like adding blank keyframes/holds before and after an audio layer. That way even with a 30 second clip, if we needed some silence before the clip started where you needed some animated at the beginning it would be easy to tweak the audio's placement.

      Also I noticed that when using audio it could be a bit difficult to see how its all places without a zoom in and zoom out feature on the timeline, if that's a feature already I'm not sure where it is.

      To go along with that timeline navigation stuff, I noticed that the playback control seems to only have options to move between previous frames and previous keyframes, being able to move to the very end or very beginning of a timeline could be extremely useful when pre viewing animation and overall timeline navigation.


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        Can you add a feather tool? With a feather tool, I can add soft edges to vector artwork, like this :

        It would make a big difference, for example you can use it to add blush to a character's face, but it's still entirely vector.

        Also, CACANi seems to crash when I undo too many times, is it possible to fix this?


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          Please add support for SVG animation export!
          On the old Adobe Flash Pro I used this plugin for exporting an animation to an SVG file:

          Here are some examples of small exported animations from the plugin (click on them to play the animation):

          Here is a longer cartoon with audio:

          But with Cacani there is no addon to export an animation in SVG! Only single frames!

          Please add the option to export in SVG the entire animation, like the add on above (it doesn't use javascript or css, just SVG, and it works on Chrome browser).

          Thank you!

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            Hello I'm newby on Cacani a very nice Soft thanks you very much.

            I have some suggestions( sorry if it's already suggest or existing):

            - Copy and paste a keyframe after or back an another keyframe like in adobe Flash.

            - When you have an interpolation between two line 1 to other key, it's always the same number line which is use for interpolation, it will be great to change the number the interpolation number line.
            Exemple: KEYFRAME 01. Line 1 > KEYFRAME 02 line 1 > KEYFRAME 03 line 2

            Thanks i keep you in touch if i will see something else


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              Two things I would REALLY love on CACANi

              1. Dynamic drawing with pen pressure

              2. Easy import from Adobe Illustrator : I tried importing vector files from Illustrator but they didn't transfer too well. For example, the colours didn't come out properly


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                If there are two lines and there are vertices at the same position, I want to move them all at once.
                (It is best to have a vertex selection movement tool that can select and move multiple vertices of multiple lines at once, and a magnet tool that has been requested before)


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                  Feature Point Tool requests :

                  1. Make it possible to add feature points to closed curves at any point, currently only possible on open curves. If possible, allow editing of points similar to the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator, with handles for adjustment. These are already available on the Bezier tool but only while initially drawing the curve.

                  2. Add a tool to cause a point to stick to another path as it is inbetweened. This will be solved if the above feature is implemented but it's nice to have a tool to force this.


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                    Maybe support for 4k screen ? I'm using the wacom mobile studio pro 16, with Cacani the ui turns out to be extremely small. Maybe some function like scale ui size is good!


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                      1 - Humanize inbetweens (stroke jitter) Optionaly.
                      2 - Point Picker Tool - edit multiple points in multiple strokes.
                      3 - Open and edit groups. Regroup with preserving Bone Tool path.
                      4 - Get Timing from the selected stroke.
                      5 - Copy stroke color to all/selected frames.
                      6 - Save FPS to the project file.
                      7 - Curve Tool - Smooth bizier (not corner) when the start and the end of the curve were closed.
                      8 - More smooth Rotation Tool.
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                        If cacani was forcibly terminated, it will be appreciated if you open Cacani the next time you open it by asking "Do you want to open the last saved Autosave ##. Cacs?"


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                          Cacani has been crashing a lot for me too. I would like an autosave feature as well.


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                            MAC support perhaps


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                              I cant find my seriel key for cacani. Could you guys somehow add it to our Forum accounts. I did send a message through the contact page yesterday asking for my seriel key to be emailed. Just bought the vaio z canvas thats why i need my key i accidently deleted the email. But if its possible maybe a feature that allows us to turn off that funtion that makes you match the previous drawing. I personally prefer to animate pose to pose. and with cacani I cant do that? becuase it kept making a pop up that said somehting. Cant remember. currently using flash since i cant use cacani. I do prefer the lines you get in cacani over flash. Or if you can do pose to pose could you maybe make a video explaining how to do that?
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                                I think that it is better to store the color picker in a fill color.