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  • My feature suggestions.

    Hello. I've been using CACANi for quite some time now, working alongside a friend of mine on a couple projects. Over time we've thought of some features that we feel would really benefit CACANi and our workflow. These include:

    -The option to convert lines to fills. This is important when importing frames from CACANi into another program like Adobe Animate CC. Right now all the line width variation goes away upon exporting as an svg.
    -The ability to add textures to the lines to add a more traditional feel to the final result. The alternative is to trace each frame in a separate program, which is time-consuming for such a seemingly simple task. Animate CC, Illustrator, Toon Boom Harmony, and OpenToonz all have this functionality.
    -The ability to make stroke matching work backwards. Currently if you try to do this, the lightbox and navigator don't let you see what you're doing. It forces you to switch the positions of the frames temporarily and then switch back when the stroke matching is done. This is an unnecessary inconvenience.
    -Skewing selected objects. This may sound really simple, but we use it all the time in other programs, and find it an annoyance that it's not in CACANi. Any additional transforming options like distortion would also be useful.
    -Rendering only colors and only lines. These would be nice features in the export menu, as right now we currently have to go through a few hoops to get colors only, and we tend to need that quite often.
    -Render only visible lines. If two shapes are overlapping, the one on the bottom layer will be invisible where they overlap. See picture:
    -Rendering color separation lines. This is another useful feature for the export menu, because a lot of the time we want to color in Animate CC, but there are no color separation lines when exporting, forcing us to fill those areas with temporary colors to be replaced later.
    -Previewing all cels at once when using quickflip. We found it annoying to select each individual cel to see a preview, because we didn't know how they would all interact until we actually inbetweened them.
    -Reversing the order of the frames, making the finished animation go backwards.
    -Copying and pasting multiple frames.
    -Easy editing of curved stroked by cllicking and dragging on the lines (

    That's about it for now. Thank you.
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