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Site Feature: development statuses?

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  • Site Feature: development statuses?

    This is less of a suggestion for the program itself and more for the website, twitter, or even here on the forums, but some place where we can get some little updates on what you guys are working on would be nice.

    For right now I'm sure everyone is very satisfied with the program, but a lot of the development is a bit mysterious. I often come to the forums or the Cacani twitter page to try to see if SOMETHING is hinted at, but for the most part it's just silence. Not suggesting some huge essay every single day, but I'd like to see the development team give us some little status updates here and there to keep people up to speed. Something along the lines of:

    "We've made progress on [insert bug/feature]"
    "Looking into starting [insert feature]"
    "Next on the list is [insert thing to be worked on]"

    It would make me and a lot of others feel better about what's going on instead of being left in the dark, waiting for a pop-up, mystery update. I think it would also draw in new customers once they see that the development team is active and informative (a lot of people are wary of buying into dying/dead programs).

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    Hi Jazz, thanks for your observations and suggestions. It is something we do need to improve on. Software development is very much like animation production, so we tend to lose ourselves when tackling the problems on the table, and forget the outside world.

    We will find a way to keep everyone informed consistently in the future.


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      Thanks so much for considering it! You guys are doing a fantastic job, and I'm very excited about the future.