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CACANi Marketplace alpha, feedback here~

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  • CACANi Marketplace alpha, feedback here~

    We are running the CACANi market alpha phase from now till end of February, so do check it out and let us know what you think!

    In the alpha phase, we are restricting the testing to the uploading and downloading of CACANi files only. So all uploaded files are available for free downloads, please take note!

    In later phases, we will provide the ability to sell and purchase CACANi assets.

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    Ok, hummm... lets try to give some feedback.. please take it constructively..
    First of all I think it is a bit early to engage a community since there are 3 or 4 assets only... It is kind of hard to understand the purpose of the marketplace without some more examples of what can be used for..
    maybe you could make things like mouth shapes, eyes, and reusable elements... think what kind of objects people would like to use in their work... maybe prepare a bunch of stuff in order to get things rolling a motivate the users a bit more to contribute... I am not into Anime my self but I guess there will be many enthusiasts around, maybe a couple of characters to get started wouldn't be a bad idea...
    Some free tutorials? spacing charts for animation? maybe some templates for walk cycles, and other basic actions, maybe some bouncing ball examples...
    An idea which might work to get the community engaged is to make some short of competitions, ask users to get the trial, share some animations in the marketplace and get some discount coupons, or something alike... so you motivate the people to produce content..
    just some thoghts, cheers


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      Thanks for dropping by! Yes, we do plan for these to happen as well. But like a boat, we first want to make sure it stays afloat when it goes out to sea and things are loaded onto it. We will look at all your points carefully.