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    CACANi (released 27/09/2019)

    IMPORTANT! CACANi 2.0 is a major version upgrade. An upgrade fee is required for existing CACANi 1.x users.
    IMPORTANT! CACANi 1.x files can be opened in CACANi 2.0. CACANi 2.0 files cannot be opened in CACANi 1.x.

    Existing 2.0 users, please download the free update from our Download page.
    Existing 1.x users, you will need to purchase an upgrade license first.

    New users can download the Trial version or purchase CACANi.

    Bug Fixes
    • CACANi would crash if a layer is dragged from the Cel Bank to the canvas.
    • CACANi would sometimes crash after performing an undo after using the Curve Tool.
    • CACANi would sometimes crash after using the Auto Color option.
    • The user could not set the alpha value properly from the Color Selection Box in the tool property bar.
    • The alpha value in the Color Selection Box was not linked to the Opacity property for the Curve Tool.
    • The ‘Rotate’ menu title in the Raster Layer context menu was incorrectly named.
    • The user could not randomize selected strokes in a group.
    • The display of some cursor icons were not updated correctly after playing the animation in CACANi.
    • The user could not move certain file dialog windows when using a stylus.
    • In certain cases, CACANi would stop auto-saving.