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    CACANi (released 02/09/2019)

    IMPORTANT! CACANi 2.0 is a major version upgrade. An upgrade fee is required for existing CACANi 1.x users.
    IMPORTANT! CACANi 1.x files can be opened in CACANi 2.0. CACANi 2.0 files cannot be opened in CACANi 1.x.

    Existing 2.0 users, please download the free update from our Download page.
    Existing 1.x users, you will need to purchase an upgrade license first.

    New users can download the Trial version or purchase CACANi.

    New Features / Changes
    • (Drawing Tools) The alpha property is added to the Stroke Color Property window.
    • (Drawing Tools) The maximum stroke size is increased to 100.
    • (Randomizer) The effect has been reduced to give smoother lines.

    Bug Fixes
    • In certain cases, CACANi will crash when opening a new file.
    • When using the stylus, CACANi will crash after clicking on the 'Generate Inbetween Frames' button in the Timing Panel.
    • When using the stylus, the user could not adjust the properties by clicking and dragging.
    • When using the stylus, the eraser cursor was not displayed.
    • When using the stylus, the user could not open the context menus in the Bone Tool and Feature Point Tool.
    • When using the stylus, the user sometimes find that strokes do not appear after drawing.
    • When using the stylus, the user could not enter the numeric values in the Change Stroke Width and Duplicate Frames windows.
    • When using the Single Curve Tool, the user could not use the Right Mouse Button Click to complete the drawing.
    • The alpha property in the Stroke Color property window was not synchronized with the Opacity property in the Drawing Tools.
    • The Ellipse Tool's Fixed Dimensions and Keep Aspect Ratio properties were updated incorrectly.

    Known Outstanding Issues
    • When using the stylus, the user cannot select folders and files in Windows Explorer. Workaround: the user has to use the mouse for folder and file selection.