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CACANi 2.0 launch and launch sales

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  • CACANi 2.0 launch and launch sales

    Everyone, thank you for your patience! We know it has been a long and tedious wait. Unfortunately, the more we want to stabilise features, the deeper we had to dig into the codes to fix them, and that set off a chain reaction of other features breaking.

    The launch sales is, hopefully, our way to thanking you for sticking with us. So please do take advantage of that!

    In CACANi 2.0, we have made lots of improvements on the drawing and inbetween generation. Take advantage of new tools like the Adaptive Stroke Tapering, Boundary Strokes and Region Gap Closing. Check out for an overview of the features, or have a more in-depth look via our manual or video tutorials.

    The new Trial version will not expire now, so you can take your time to explore how CACANi can fit your animation workflow.

    We have also launched the Teams license, so you can use the same product key to activate multiple machines.

    We couldn't get another new feature, Web Deactivation, in time for the launch. It will allow you to deactivate your license from our site, when you cannot get to your machine. It should be up in another few weeks.

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    Is it possible to symmetry when drawing a picture? How can I replicate the symmetry?