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  • CACANi release

    CACANi 23/12/2016

    IMPORTANT! CACANi 1.2 files can be opened in CACANi 1.3. CACANi 1.3 files cannot be opened in CACANi 1.2.

    New Features / Changes
    • (Stroke Picker) You can now move strokes as long as your cursor is within the bounding box. Hold Down Ctrl to select another stroke. Hold Down Shift to add strokes to the selection. Hold Down Alt to remove strokes from the selection.
    • (Quick Flip) Quick Flip's performance when generating frames has been improved.
    Bug Fixes
    • CACANi would crash when strokes on a Hold frame were moved or deleted.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when editing strokes with Point Picker.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when drawing very short strokes at very high magnification levels.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when applying gap closing to all strokes in the canvas.
    • When using Quick Flip, key frames were not rendered sometimes.
    • When using the drawing, painting and editing tools, color regions were not updated properly.
    • When using Point Picker to edit strokes, and the Auto Restore Color Mode is disabled, color regions will disappear.
    • When using the Off Peg Tool, the onionskin images were sometimes rendered behind the canvas.
    • When exporting .avi video, additional frames were added to the video.
    • After using Inbetween Selected function, color regions will disappear.
    • After removing the reference layer, color regions will disappear.
    • After deleting strokes on a Hold frame, color regions will disappear.
    • CACANi Trial version could not be registered properly in Windows 7.
    • Export Video was not working properly.
    Existing users, please download the free update from our Download page.

    New users can download the Trial version or purchase CACANi.

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    Nice very thanks !
    Merry Christmas from all!