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    CACANi 18/11/2016

    IMPORTANT! Due to an openSSL implementation, CACANi 1.2 will not work after 18/11/2016. Please update to CACANi 1.3.

    IMPORTANT! CACANi 1.2 files can be opened in CACANi 1.3. CACANi 1.3 files cannot be opened in CACANi 1.2.

    New Features / Changes (from revision 12083 unless otherwise stated)
    • (Stroke Picker / Point Picker) CACANi will now highlight the layer of the selected stroke in the Cel Bank.
    • (Stroke Picker) To select multiple reference images in the same frame, you will now use the SHIFT key.
    • (Export Image) You can now set the print size and DPI for the images to be exported.
    • (TabletPC) Added new implementation to better support devices using Microsoft Ink API.
    • (Color Separation Lines) Color Separation Lines are exported as saturated colors.
    • (Feature Point Tool) You can now see any assigned feature points when your cursor hovers over a stroke.
    • (Various Tools) Selection of strokes uses slightly less resources now.
    • (Audio Layer) The 30 second audio playback limit has now been removed.
    • (User Interface) The positions of the Undo / Redo buttons have been adjusted.
    • (User Interface) The mouse wheel can now be used to scroll through the docked panels.
    • (Magnification Tool / Pan Tool / Rotate) You can now double-click to reset the canvas in the respective tools.
    • (User Interface) CACANi now supports Windows' high DPI text scaling. *revision 12116
    Bug Fixes (from revision 12083 unless otherwise stated)
    • CACANi would crash when saving as a project with reference images.
    • CACANi would crash in Windows Server 2012 when a tablet device was not found.
    • CACANi would crash when the end point of a stroke was deleted.
    • CACANi would crash when using the file search function in the Open File function.
    • CACANi would crash when selecting a large area on the canvas.
    • CACANi would crash when using any of the property buttons in the Feature Point Tool. *revision 12116
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when moving drawings with color regions.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes after opening a file from Windows file explorer.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes after scaling an image.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes after using Retain Stroke Connections function.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes after moving strokes from 1 cel to another cel.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes after using the auto paint functions.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when changing the layer name in the Cel Bank.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when using the Segment Tools and performing an Undo.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when duplicating strokes with hold frames.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when exporting to the SVG format.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when pasting strokes from another cel. *revision 12116
    • Sometimes when drawings were moved, their color regions were not updated.
    • Sometimes stroke matching between frames did not work.
    • After an Undo, color regions were sometimes not restored.
    • After using the Segment Eraser Tool, color regions were not restored.
    • After using the Segment Tools, color regions were not restored.
    • Sometimes the Retain Stroke Connections function did not keep a gap closed in the inbetween frames.
    • Preview image did not have the correct aspect ratio when using the Custom Resolution option in the Export Image / Video window.
    • When there were network drives, the file explorer sometimes did not appear.
    • The reference frame sometimes couldn't be switched to the frame in front of the active frame.
    • In Windows 10, CACANi will sometimes shut down by itself after a few minutes.
    • The keyboard arrow keys were not working.
    • Stroke indices were sometimes updated wrongly after an Undo.
    • Stroke Picker was not affected by the Auto Color Restore button.
    • In Gradient Paint Tool, the gradient slider was missing. *revision 12116
    • The Mask and Clipping Mask functions were not working. *revision 12116
    Existing users, please download the free update from our Download page.

    New users can download the Trial version or purchase CACANi.

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    Nice news Hongze thanks


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      Hi everyone, in official CACANi Web Site Lasted Version is

      This error also happened to me just send an email to the admin ( will send you a file that removes the waste from previous installations and will fix the problem.
      The Administrator send a file name CACANiOLD CLEAR AND CACANi CLEAR Run and Fun New CACANi
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        I downloaded the V1.3.39.12178, the strange one does not have the release of this version here in the forum.
        What's new in this version?


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          Hi Max, that version was a small update for some users who had specific problems that caused CACANi not to run on their machines. We have since rolled out a new version (build 12291) that incorporated those fixes.


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            Ok Thanks Hongze.
            If this is useful information for developers:
            I used the two versions and they all worked perfectly on:
            Windows 7 64bit
            I7 32 RAM
            GTX 980 SUPERCLOCKED ACX 2.0 4GB DDR5 256 BIT 7010MHZ 1266MHZ 2048 CUDA COLORS DVI HDMI DP