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    CACANi 16/11/2016

    IMPORTANT! Due to an openSSL implementation, CACANi 1.2 will not work after 18/11/2016. Please update to CACANi 1.3.

    IMPORTANT! CACANi 1.2 files can be opened in CACANi 1.3. CACANi 1.3 files cannot be opened in CACANi 1.2.

    New Features / Changes
    • (Online Authentication) CACANi will now automatically download openSSL information from the server.
    • (Stroke Picker / Point Picker) CACANi will now highlight the layer of the selected stroke in the Cel Bank.
    • (Stroke Picker) To select multiple reference images in the same frame, you will now use the SHIFT key.
    • (Export Image) You can now set the print size and DPI for the images to be exported.
    • (TabletPC) Added new implementation to better support devices using Microsoft Ink API.
    • (Color Separation Lines) Color Separation Lines are exported as saturated colors.
    • (Feature Point Tool) You can now see any assigned feature points when your cursor hovers over a stroke.
    • (Various Tools) Selection of strokes uses slightly less resources now.
    • (Audio Layer) The 30 second audio playback limit has now been removed.
    • (User Interface) The positions of the Undo / Redo buttons have been adjusted.
    • (User Interface) The mouse wheel can now be used to scroll through the docked panels.
    • (Magnification Tool / Pan Tool / Rotate) You can now double-click to reset the canvas in the respective tools.

    Bug Fixes
    • CACANi would crash when saving as a project with reference images.
    • CACANi would crash in Windows Server 2012 when a tablet device wa not found.
    • CACANi would crash when the end point of a stroke was deleted.
    • CACANi would crash when using the file search function in the Open File function.
    • CACANi would crash when selecting a large area on the canvas.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when moving drawings with color regions.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes after opening a file from Windows file explorer.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes after scaling an image.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes after using Retain Stroke Connections function.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes after moving strokes from 1 cel to another cel.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes after using the auto paint functions.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when changing the layer name in the Cel Bank.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when using the Segment Tools and performing an Undo.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when duplicating strokes with hold frames.
    • CACANi sometimes crashes when exporting to the SVG format.
    • Sometimes when drawings were moved, their color regions were not updated.
    • Sometimes stroke matching between frames did not work.
    • After an Undo, color regions were sometimes not restored.
    • After using the Segment Eraser Tool, color regions were not restored.
    • After using the Segment Tools, color regions were not restored.
    • Sometimes the Retain Stroke Connections function did not keep a gap closed in the inbetween frames.
    • Preview image did not have the correct aspect ratio when using the Custom Resolution option in the Export Image / Video window.
    • When there were network drives, the file explorer sometimes did not appear.
    • The reference frame sometimes couldn't be switched to the frame in front of the active frame.
    • In Windows 10, CACANi will sometimes shut down by itself after a few minutes.
    • The keyboard arrow keys were not working.
    • Stroke indices were sometimes updated wrongly after an Undo.
    • Stroke Picker was not affected by the Auto Color Restore button.

    Existing users, please download the free update from our Download page.

    New users can download the Trial version or purchase CACANi.