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  • Any news?

    I'm curious to know if there's any news to report on how development is going? Anything interesting or any breakthroughs? Possible time frames for the next update? Or how about a roadmap like many developers do to keep us from asking things like this in the first place, lol!

    (I hadn't seen any future sneak peaks since the last two videos on twitter and I check all the time. Just want something to look forward to!)

    Keep up the hard work ~

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    I'm curious too. I'm looking forward to improvements to line quality and bringing in more features from Illustrator as well as compatibility if possible with the Adobe Suite.


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      Is cacani dead?


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        Hi DroidCid, sorry for the lack of updates. Please do not worry, we're still working hard on the next release of CACANi. We will provide more information as soon as we can.


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          dear admin.
          When do you cacani update?
          last updata is last year...
          many bugs occurred in windows10. not support windows10? only7?
          cacani is great softwear, but it has many bugs.
          I work cacani harder, but I tired.
          because cacani freeze many time a day.
          in spite of using "i core7 7700K"&"GeForceGTX1070"&DDR4 16GB memory.
          this is worse than "Aftereffects".
          not support many cores?
          please speed up update, or cacani can not use everyone.

          from japanese animation creator
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            Dear k-tomo,

            We are sorry we have not been able to release a new update. CACANi supports Windows 7, 8 and 10. Please email me at, we will assist you with your problems.


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              can we have a new version before 2018?


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                Will there be a new version in 2018? And will it be a free update if so?