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  • CACANi release

    CACANi 25/03/2016

    New Features / Changes
    • (Feature Point Tool) You can now add feature points on a stroke by double-clicking
    • (Feature Point Tool) You can now remove feature points on a stroke by Holding ALT key and clicking
    • (Cel Bank) The time for users to hold down the mouse button to move frames has been reduced
    • (Cel Bank) To prevent layers from being moved accidentally, you will need to select the layer and hold down the mouse button for 0.5 seconds.
    • (Lightbox, Canvas) The Lightbox function will ignore Hold Frames now
    • (Canvas) Frame numbers and time information is displayed on the canvas (*beta feature)

    Bug Fixes
    • CACANi would crash when cels were deleted
    • CACANi would crash when the cel layer is selected and the Quick Flip function is used
    • CACANi would crash when using Undo / Redo functions beyond the saved history
    • CACANi would sometimes crash when the Segment Eraser is used
    • Inbetween timing chart is reset when new layers are created
    • When stroke width display is disabled, exported frames became blank
    • Sometimes when adjusting the volume slider in the audio layer, layers are moved as well
    • When selecting multiple frames in the Cel Bank, wrong frames are selected
    • Hidden line segments could not be turned off
    • When using Quick Flip after inbetween frames were created, playback speed was not smooth
    • When resizing Cel Bank Panel, the edge of the panel is stuck to the cursor
    • After changing the color of a selected stroke, the Color Panel sliders are reset
    • When opening a .cacs file by double-clicking on it, CACANi hangs for a period of time
    • After opening a .cacs file by double-clicking on it, the file cannot be saved properly
    • When saving an existing file, the Save File window opens instead of performing the save function

    Video tutorials

    Existing users, please download the free update from our Download page.

    New users can download the Trial version or purchase CACANi.

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    Nice! Very Thanks


    • #3
      Missing of pegbar in camera, It was very useful for me when using the OffPeg tool.
      You could put the option to change the pivor on Offpegtool.


      • CACANi Support
        CACANi Support commented
        Editing a comment
        It is currently fixed to the canvas and not the camera. We are looking into this.

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      the download is not happening, its says download complete in a second, and it has just 0kb. what am i doing wrong?


      • CACANi Support
        CACANi Support commented
        Editing a comment
        Our apologies! The download servers are back up.

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      Sorry, i reinstall previous version for problen whit tablet
      Last edited by yramirez; 04-16-2016, 09:10 AM.


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        Of recent, CACANi has been throwing up an error. And I don't understand why it is doing so.


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        I've emailed you about the matter; please fix the problem as soon as possible, as I am running behind on a couple of animation projects.