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Price Adjustment for CACANi software from March 2016

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  • Price Adjustment for CACANi software from March 2016

    Why are prices being changed?

    Since the launch of the CACANi animation software in December 2014, we have been astounded by the enthusiasm of the users all over the world.
    We want to continue to provide more features to you, and to achieve this, we want to grow the team.

    With effect from 1st March 2016 (Singapore time), these will be the new prices for CACANi:

    30 day - USD 15
    90 day - USD 39
    180 day - USD 69
    365 day - USD 129
    Perpetual - USD 299

    Please support our mission to empower the 2D animators, as we in turn support your beautiful creations.

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    Woww nice news I already have a perpetual license. I can buy other with the same email?
    In future want to buy other to use in a small studio


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      Hello, I've been demoing CACANi for awhile and I think some of the technology is great, but I have to say I wouldn't purchase it at the current price for many reasons nevermind at the new price in March. I think $299 USD/¥36000 JPY is too much, it will be more expensive than Retas.

      I don't think CACANi is production proven yet and I find it buggy sometimes. The lack of community or social media presence is unfortunate as well.



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        Hi HarukoK,

        Thanks for taking the time to provide your honest feedback! We know we are swimming together with many great animation software and more work needs to be done. Work is never truly done. -_-''

        Still, we believe that CACANi will be a toolkit that will be very useful to the 2D animator. With your support and continued suggestions, we will blossom into something worth your time and money.


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          From what I understand the change will be SDG to USD, although it seems a bad thing, especially for me I live in Brazil and the dollar growing every day.
          "I prefer to increase the value of SDG, and not change for USD "

          I see as good news. Because it seems the team is very committed to improving the software. I hope this increase will not endanger sales. The Cacani is a great software.
          All team are doing a great job.


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            Well, I have the same opinion has Max, I see the price change as commitment by the team. If you want quality you have to pay it, and it's always an act of faith by the first subscribers. I really believe in CACANi's value that's why I bought the perpetual license.
            That's in the beginning that the company needs support and money has the user base will grow in the future. Has for me, here in Portugal things are not easy too, but i am confident in the investment, since minute 1 with the trial.


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              And it's still going to be more affordable for hobbyists than other powerful software! (I'm planning on taking advantage of the current sale, though, once I figure out which license I want to get)

              And from what I've seen on the forums, I really love the CACANi team's cooperativeness with listening to customer feedback and using that to constantly improve the software. That makes me even more interested in supporting them.

              While it's true that CACANi is not well-known (I hadn't even heard of it until a few days ago), the more we can show off how cool it is, the more people will get interested. And it is really cool; I've already figured out how to do most of the stuff I was already doing in Harmony.


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                I totally agree with xpto, I see a lot of potential with CACANi and would love to help it rise.


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                  While it's an understandable choice, I'm always kinda disappointed to see price increases on software. And particularly in the animation field, where any decent software is already really really expensive for any independent animators. I believe 255usd to still be within reason though, and I know some software with upcoming animation features that'll probably fill that need in the near future.

                  Now I have no idea how much CACANi is currently selling and I'm no market analyst, but I've always thought that lower price = more sales = more users = more recognition = more sales, creating a nice positive loop. And that a price increase often just amounts to fewer people buying the product, resulting in no markedly increase in the net income and minimizing the userbase. Something I believe to be even more true with such a young software as this. But I'm just speculating.

                  Have you evaluated different models for pricing? Like having a seperate price for indiviuals and corporations or maybe even commercial and non-commercial versions?
                  As an example, I know live2D just shot the price for their software down the price of their cubism editor by almost 80%, but only for individuals and small businesses,
                  and it seems like it was a good choice on their part.
                  Or maybe even do what I know some other art software does, hold big sales at regular intervals.

                  In either case, I really hope to see this software expand and grow too~
                  So best of luck to your team!
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                    That's a good point about lower prices leading to more sales. Especially considering that although the subscriptions are helpful, there are people who refuse to buy software subscriptions, and for them, the choice is perpetual or nothing.

                    Putting the product on sale every so often is good because a sale will make people excited and spread the word; that's actually how I learned about it, and they will want to buy it at the sale price. Or if they can't, they might wait till the next sale and buy it then, and tell more people about it.
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                      It's very nice that you are putting effort into inproving the program which does have many wonderful benefits. But as some other users have suggested, the number of bugs that get in the way of actual production is a big minus. Many of our animator have expressed their frustration over simple things not working. If the prices are for getting rid of those problems it can be understood. CACANi is great at saving precious time and keeping up the quality, but that all disappears when the program will not function or just close down. Please do enforce the good points and make this a more stable and reliable software. You do have strong competition but the chance is still there to make a big break. We are looking forward to your progress.