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    My goodness, how did I miss this????


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      I installed CACANi on my tablet computer. I understand that I can install a second copy on my workstation at home but can only activate on one computer at a time.

      My question: is there a limit to how many times I can move the activation between my mobile computer and workstation?

      The reason I ask is because with Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, I'm only allowed to move the software about 4 times in a day, and after that their server prevents you from moving the software again for a few days. This issue caused problems for me back when I was freelancing and had to roam about town for work and also work from home.

      Switching between my mobile and workstation is probably not as big an issue for me now, and I expect CANCANi will stay on my tablet most of the time, but I wanted to ask just in case I am ever in that situation again.

      Thanks in advance for any helpful reply.



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        Dear Greenlaw,

        There is no limit for moving the license between the 2 machines you mentioned.

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      Originally posted by MaxCajazeiras View Post
      Hi! The option "Create Inverted Mask! in the video:
      Not appear in my version of Cacani v1.1.8.10827 ?
      This funcion in cCACANi CACANi_1.1.10.10907x86 now is Cliping mask